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Bhutan Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and festivals in Bhutan is the part of the people’s life. Being a highly religious country, there are many days in Bhutan which are observed as the festivals. Most of these festivals are to appease and commemorate their God and gurus. On most of these festivals, people commemorate the good works of Lord Buddha and great masters related to the Buddhist tradition. Others are for celebrating the good things in the life.  Like in all Buddhist nations, Bhutan fairs and festivals have special importance in people’s mind there.

Religious celebrations are the most important part of the festivals. Social and religious life is very much linked in Bhutan. People make it a point to attend these festivals and do all the things which create a feeling of celebration.  It seems that some of the festivals keep going on the full year in Bhutan.

Tsechu festival:
This is among the most attended festivals in Bhutan. “Tse” means date and Chu means “ten”. It means the tenth day. It is celebrated to observe the good deeds done by the 8th century Tantric Master Guru Padmasambhava. He is known as the 'Guru Rimpoche' who founded the Nyingma school of Buddhism in Bhutan and Tibet. A special event of the Guru’s life is celebrated on the each tenth day of the lunar calendar. Some days out of these are celebrated in the religious context. Most of these festivals range from 3 to 5 days. Last day is the tenth day of the lunar calendar. This is the time to renew faith in the religious offering and blessings. Religious dances are the part of the celebrations.

Thimpu and Paro Festivals:
These are the popular festivals among the tourists as they are the most accessible for them. The tsechus at Bumthang is well known and takes place in the evening. Some of the excellent fertility and fire dances take place here. Dating back to middle ages, these dances have spiritual significance and can be performed by monks also. Some of these festivals end in the unveiling of giant religious throgndrels or appliqués. This moment creates great excitement among the participants and an aura of secrecy shrouds around this.
These festivals are also the time of fairs in Bhutan. These are events tohave fun and frolic. People wear new and colorful dresses.

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