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Srimongol, Sylhet, the tea capital in Bangladesh is one of the places in and around the valley of Sylhet which the travelers coming from different parts of the world like to visit. The long stretch of green that is going to greet to you as far as you look gives a soothing feeling that is hard to forget. The lush green mountains covered with rich tea-plantation are a relief from the concrete jungle that we get to see in the cities. Srimongol, Sylhet famous for its tea-gardens is visited by travelers form all over the world as you rarely get to see such a beautiful sight.

The velvet carpet of the tea-plants enhances the beauty of Srimongol in Sylhet. The travelers can also take a look at how tea is processed at the Tea Research Institute. A huge quantity of tea is produced by Bangladesh and also exported to different parts of the world. Srimongol is all the more well-known as most of the tea-estates that you get to hear about in Bangladesh lies here as a result of which it has earned the epithet of 'The Land of 2 Leaves and a Bud'.

Srimongol also famous as the 'camelia' houses the largest tea-estate in the world. The terraced tea-gardens along with rich vegetation of rubber, pineapple and lemon plantations form a stunning landscape which is hard to find. As you enter the tea-gardens the sweet smells of he tea-plants will greet you along with spectacular beauty.

Those of you who wish to get a better view of the tea-gardens can prefer to stay at the garden itself as there are hotels placed conveniently here. The experience of staying amidst tea-gardens is so deep that it will keep lingering in your minds long after you have left the place.

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