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Tourist Visa
Tourist visa is issued by the Afghan embassies and consulates abroad to the foreign nationals who want to travel to Afghanistan. The tourists can travel individually or with a group. Tourist visa is valid for period of one month. Ministry of Interior, with the approval of Afghan Tourism Organisation, can extend it.

Entry Visa for Work Permit
Entry Visa for Work Permit is issued by the Consulate Section of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is issued for business, commercial, economic, cultural and industrial purposes. The applican can apply for working with governmental or non-governmental organisations. The employer or sponsor is required to contact the concerned department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Work Permit Visa can also be issued through the Ministry of Interior.

Resident Visa
Foreign national who have already come in Afghanistan with a valid visa, and are in possession of ordinary passport, can apply for Resident Visa, issued by the ministry of Interior. The Visa is valid for one month to six months, and can also be extended on request.

Transit Visa
Foreign nationals who wish to travel to a third country via Afghanistan, are issued Transit Visa by Afghan missions abroad. This visa is valid for 72 hours for air passengers and six days for those who travel by land. Transit visa is not required by the travellers not leaving the airport and moving on within two hours.

Double Entry Visa
Double Entry Visa can be issued to the foreign nationals who has stay visa and the validity of the visa can be extended.

Applicants possessing diplomatic passports and wishing to tour Afghanistan are issued Diplomatic Visas. One has to directly apply to the 'Section of Diplomatic Passport and Diplomatic Visa' in the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Mission of one's country in Kabul. The visa can be obtained from Afghan missions abroad.

Service Visa
Foreign nationals having service or special passports can get Service Visa from Afghan Missions abroad.

Student Visa
Foreign students interested to pursue their study in Afghanistan are issued Student Visa. The concerned academic institution has to directly contact the 'Cultural Relations Department of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs'.

Exit Visa
Foreign national who have come in the country with entry work permit visa are granted Exit Visa. This visa is valid for one to six days. The period can also be extended.

Validity of Visa
Three or six months or one year from date of issue. Duration of stay depends on purpose of visit.

Documents Required
Independent of the visa type which has been applied for, the Government of Afghanistan requires the following:

» Completed Afghanistan visa application form;
» A passport with a validity of 6 months after your stay;
» Tickets and documents to prove your return or onward travel;
» One passport-size photos ;
» Letter from sponsor or employer stating purpose and duration of trip as well as financial guarantee for expenses;
» Visa fee;
» A self-addressed prepaid return envelope with postage;

The travel visas would be affixed in your passport on the pages marked for the purpose.
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