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Getting Around Afghanistan

The country has five airports, namely Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar i Sharif, Herat and Jalalabad. However air transport within the country is limited. Kam Air operates twice-daily flights between Kabul and Herat. But you can't be sure for going elsewhere via air. However the new government is trying hard to improve things.

Most roads in Afghanistan are in dilapidated state. However repair work is being done on major roads with help from international community. Salang Tunnel, an important passage between Kabul and Northern Afghanistan, has been cleared for traffic. It has drastically reduced transport time from 72 hours to 10 hours. If driving yourself in the country, do remember that traffic drives on the right and you would require an international driving permit.

City dwellers in Afghanistan travel by bus or bicycle. In countryside, where these means of transport are absent, people move from one place to the other by foot, donkey, horse or camel.

Intra-Kabul Transport
Once, Kabul had good network of buses, trolleybuses and taxes. However, war caused heavy destruction of infrastructure and vehicles. Some services have been resumed, but they are not reliable. It would be better if you arrange for your own transport for moving around.

Inland Waterway
Amu Darya River, flowing through the parts of Afghanistan's northern border, serves as the inland waterway of the country. Main ports on the river banks are Keleft, Shair Khan and Kheyrabad. The river can handle boat traffic up to 500 metric tons.

Rail traffic in Afghanistan is non-existent.
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